6 Bad Habits you need to cultivate for your business to succeed

Written By Kadzem Claude

Do you know that some of the best business men and women all over the globe are people with poor habits? Shocking right? The interesting thing is that all successful entrepreneurs have this in common. In fact, success in business to some extent demands that you build some of these habits. These habits are bad in other spheres, but good for entrepreneurship.

If you are struggling to deal with some of these issues in your life, I tell you, you may not need to struggle anymore. Just consider utilizing them in the right way and increase your chances of succeeding in business. Here are some of the habits that repel people from you but could bring you to business zenith.

1. The Habit Of Being Alone

People don’t love loners. Loners are hated for always preferring to be alone and self-dependent. In fact, most loners will not make more than two friends their whole lives. Worse still, most loners don’t love this habit of theirs either. But though being a loner could really be a bad habit to cultivate, every entrepreneur who wants to succeed must know what it means to spend good time alone.

It is in those lonely quiet moments that ideas are born. It is in such moments that a person’s creativity is sharpened. If you have never known what it means to stay alone for hours just reflecting and brainstorming, you have never entered the place of your brain’s optimal capacity. If you want to get the best out of you, learn to spend more time alone. But make sure your time is spent qualitatively.

2. The Workaholic Habit

Most successful entrepreneurs sleep for fewer hours than most other people. They are the last to bed and first to wake. Their approach to work is so rare and to them, work is the best thing God created. They just love working and when many people around them complain about their being out of touch with every other thing in their lives except work, it does really no difference. They are just addicted to work.

The habit of being a workaholic could really be bad for many reasons but for one: business success. Only hard workers see success. Don’t get me wrong, most often these people are not always doing any physical work as you may imagine. They don’t have to because they have people whom they pay to do all the physical work. They are hard mental workers and so even when they seem to be idle, their brains know no rest.

If your spouse, children, parents or friends complain a lot about your too much involvement in work, never mind, you are most likely the next entrepreneur the world is waiting for.

3. The Habit Of Breaking Rules

Most of us have grown up under rules and have learned that rules must not be broken. From home to school, to work places and religious houses, we meet rules that must be kept and each time we break them, we are punished severely. And so we grow up to know that everyone who does not adhere to rules in place, is bad. Unfortunately, as good as the society brandishes the attitude of keeping rules; it could really limit a person a lot.

All the people we celebrate today for success broke one rule or the other and challenged the status quo of settings. At the time they were not popular for their actions; but today they are role models.

Rules are often kept by careful people, people who fear to make mistakes and hurt others. Such people hardly achieve much in life. But if you want to be successful in business, you must not fear to be seen as the odd person; you must think out of the box and refuse to always swallow everything just as it is. You will surely be hated often for this but if you are sure you are right in what you do, then go on. You better not play safe and end up a mediocre for life.

4. The Habit Of Being Disloyal

This is a strong one right? Being disloyal is very close to being a rule breaker but not exactly the same thing. Disloyal people are just people who don’t easily submit to anyone. This has to do more with the way they relate with their superiors and not just about rules.

Successful entrepreneurs are difficult people when it comes to following. They are born leaders and so getting them pledge their followership always, is not easy.

Most successful entrepreneurs have a history of job terminations and resignations and so have moved from one job to the other in a few years. Most times the reason is that they can hardly settle down in any office and be committed followers. While others will always complain about this attitude in them, they are just being real to themselves because they hate redundancy. They want to have the free hands to do things differently and this attitude will always be a strength if they eventually get into business.

5. The Habit Of Fighting

Did you use to fight when you were a kid? Or maybe even now you still love fighting. You will agree with me that fighting in this 21st century is really outdated. But let me tell you that some of the people celebrated today, only became known because they were fighters.

Nelson Mandela fought for freedom. Martin Luther King Junior fought for equal rights to all, Mother Theresa fought for justice and William Wilberforce fought for the abolition of slave trade. These people would not have succeeded if they were not fighters. You now see that fighting is not always a bad habit at it appears. It is what you fight for/against and how you fight that matters.

Before you achieve business success you will engage in many fights. You will fight yourself and your competitors and unless you win, you won’t succeed. But your fights will not be with your fists, but with your brains. If Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, and all the world-wide celebrated entrepreneurs were not fighters, they would not have succeeded the way they did.

So rise up and fight for the right thing in the right way. Use all that adrenaline in you, to face the challenges that stir at you in the face and you will move mountains.

6. The Habit Of Competing Always

When we are kids, we compete with our friends in school for the first position. Competition at that time is fun and without any hates. When we grow up, we compete with bitterness and are ready to do anything to be certified the best amongst our fellow competitors. Some of us kill others just to win the race of competition. The result is that we label it BAD.

When you work in any office, you come across people who love competing a lot with others. This kind of competition which is very often negative, instead of boosting productivity, destroys it. But in business, you don’t talk of success without talking about how to beat competition. If you are too tolerant and considerate towards your competitors, you will be outclassed. Business is no war, but it is also no place for the faint hearted. It is a place for people who are not afraid to compete. It is no place for smart people.

If you have the attitude of competing, the business world will offer you the luxury of an exciting adventure. Take it up!

Any of the above 6 bad habits could be very powerful strengths to anyone who possesses them if rightly utilized. You need to build on these habits and make the most out of them. In no time, I see you spelling the word SUCCESS.



  1. Anonymous says

    Daniel Mr Author, really appreciate your tips•literally, they appear true and easy but practically, they are very serious and if care is not taken might lead to one landing in a very uncomfortable place• Are you successful yourself???

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