Manager, Group Risk Management And Control At Oando Plc

Vacancy Description


·         Under the direct supervision of the Group Head, Risk Management and Control, the main duties of the Manager, Group Risk Management and Control is to assist the group head in planning, monitoring and supervising the activities of the Risk Management & Control Department and ensure the timely reporting of all issues noted for the Group Chief Financial Officer.
·         Plan and supervise work to be carried out by Risk and Control advisors.
·         Other specific responsibilities are as follows:
·         Ensure the development, implementation, maintenance and continued renewing of a best practice internal control environment.
·         Design a control framework for monitoring and reporting on internal controls over the company operations, compliance and financial reporting at the group and subsidiary levels.
·         Manage the entities to ensure all procedures and controls inherent in the business are documented and followed, ensure standardization across the group.
·         Work with subsidiary companies to assess internal control, perform effectiveness test over processes with significant control deficiencies. Recommend solutions to issues arising from control review and ensure execution of remediation plans.
·         Review assurance reports to identify control references and assist in redesigning controls.
·         Implement NI 52-109 (“Canadian Sarbanes Oxley”) for Oando Energy Resources by:
·         Planning and scoping the annual internal control activities including the determining Internal materiality and identifying financial statement areas with high risk of material misstatement and identifying business processes that significantly impact high risk financial statement line items
·         Maintaining the Risk control matrix by designing and documenting entity level controls, business process controls, disclosure and fraud preventive controls
·         Implementing the COSO framework
·         Conducting walkthrough reviews and evaluation of the design of internal controls
·         Remediating of design weaknesses
·         Developing control testing methodology
·         Performing operating effectiveness tests
·         Evaluating the significance of internal control deficiencies and reporting on this to management and Board Audit and Risk Committee
·         Preparing annual certifications and disclosure for the annual MD&A.
·         With the head of risk management, ensure effective management of both Operational and Financial risk and all supporting functions risk across the group office and entities.
·         Main responsibilities:
·         Work with the head of Group Risk Management to:
·         Develop a Risk Management Charter, Policies and Procedures (Including credit, Market and liquidity risk policies and procedures).
·         Review policies and procedures, conduct awareness campaigns, develop group risk identification and annual assessment plans and monitor and control identified risks.
·         Consolidate risks identified across the group and update and maintain a risk register
·         Coordinate risk documentation, evaluation, and monitoring with the aim of minimizing operational and financial loss across the group.
·         Provide expert knowledge on financial risk and management of those risks
·         Develop key risk indicators at the Plc level and guide the subsidiaries risk advisors on same. Ensure consistency of approach.
·         Facilitate the periodic Group Risk Management and Control Committee meetings chaired by the Group CFO.
·         Monitor and review the activities of the risk management managers/risk & control advisors of the Group’s subsidiaries.
·         Good knowledge of Internal Control Processes, and Risk Management
·         A university degree and preferably a qualified Chartered Accountant with a minimum of 5 years post qualification experience.
·         Good knowledge of the regulatory environment and developments
·         Strong personality with good organization skills.
·         The ability to build, and maintain excellent working relationships with all levels of management.
·         Excellent oral and written communication skills, organizational and time management skills and the ability to prioritize work
·         Analytical thinker.
·         Oil and Gas industry dynamics


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