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PA To Head Business Development At Stanbic IBTC

PA To Head Business Development At Stanbic IBTC

The Personal Assistant (PA) to the Head – Business Development works closely with the Head – Business Development to provide administrative as well as secretarial support. The PA is responsible for performing and coordinating the Head – Business Development’s administrative activities, and also storing, retrieving, and integrating information for dissemination to staff and clients.

Key Responsibilities

The PA to the Head – BDU has responsibilities to the following in the organization:
The Company:
• Answer and screen calls to determine the relevance of the call/query, proactively and independently resolve the queries where possible
• Integrating information for dissemination to clients
• Monitor departmental media campaign and ensure adequate inventory of marketing materials.
• Circulate Media Schedule  regarding any campaign to all states and micros for follow up and to ensure listening -in
• Listening and watching for our adverts on TV and radio to make sure we are getting value for our money.
• Ensure adequate supply of marketing materials.

The HEAD – BD:

• Answer and screen calls to determine the relevance of the call/query, proactively and independently resolve the queries where possible
• Welcoming and looking after visitors
• Organizing and maintaining diaries, and making appointments
• Draft and type correspondence including letters and memoranda
• Organizing and storing paperwork, documents and computer-based information
• Arranging travel and accommodation
• Submitting expense claims on behalf of Head – BD and managing budgets
• Structure an effective filing system for the department including press clippings and other research articles
• Following-up on execution of assignments delegated to other staff by Head – BD
• Running of certain routine errands and carrying out specific tasks as may  be
advised by the Head – BD

Business Unit Heads/Leaders
• Ensuring the proper distribution of documents received as soon as they come in
• Circulation of information among Units as advised

Business Development Unit
• Ensure transfer of Micros’ transport allowance into their Bank Accounts weekly and retiree to FinCon weekly
• Manage weekly BD allowance and retire to FinCon weekly
• Prepare and send Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) of all BD Micro locations in Lagos to Risk Management monthly
• Manning the Pension Managers mailbox
• Scheduling cars and drivers for Micro Officers in BDU and Officers in RMU
• Making stationery requests on behalf of BD and officers in Micro  locations and ensuring that the items  requested for are dispatched to Micros outside Lagos
• Payments: Processing of invoice payments for respective agencies and suppliers
• Raising memos and getting approvals for expenses incurred by BDU
• Receiving C of I’s of client Companies, logging them on the system and sending the hardcopies to Registration Unit daily. Also sending daily reports of C of I’s received daily to Registration Unit as well as weekly to Internal Control Unit.
• Sending Contribution Schedules to Companies on request
• Ensure availability of marketing materials i.e. forms, fliers and stickers.
• Proper filing of all correspondence received in the unit

• Providing information and feedback to staff as required

Key Performance Measures (Highlights of current Performance Contract)

• Monitoring Press adverts in the dailies
• Ensuring that tearsheets are supplied before claims for advert placements are made.
• Accuracy in the dissemination of  information
• Discretion and non-tolerance of careless handling of sensitive information
• Timely presentation of memos for approvals and submission of same for payments
• Timely Retrieval of documents when needed
• Presenting Head – BD’s claims and ensuring payment is made
• Ensuring that mails in the Pension Managers mailbox are distributed to the appropriate Units within 24 hours of receipt
• Submission of C of Is received to Registration Unit daily
• Submission of approval requests for Media Campaign to PENCOM and monitoring with Compliance unit till approval is received

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