Major Opportunities At Phillips Consulting Limited

Major Opportunities At Phillips Consulting Limited

Revenue Manager

 Job Responsibilities:

Revenue Accounting

  • Ensure that there are adequate procedures to safe guard the company’s revenue
  • Ensure that the laid down procedures are being adhered to through an effective system of monitoring, reporting and information management
  • Ensure the validity and completeness of customer records on the billing system(s) by exercising effective oversight of the inputs to the systems
  • Account for the flow of revenue from purchase of power, to sales and collections for both Post-paid and Prepaid customers on a daily basis
  • Determine the charges to be levied as penalty, loss of revenue etc that are not electricity sales
  • Ensure that the Accounts receivable figure in the financials agrees with Billing records by reconciling the two on a monthly basis

Channel Management

  • Ensure the development and deployment of payment channels
  • Determine areas for improvement both in terms of revenue enhancement and/or loss reduction
  • Drive initiatives that increase revenue collection

Revenue Reporting & Analysis

  • Determine and report on a monthly basis the company’s ATCC loss level and compare with the agreed loss reduction trajectory
  • Provide Management with a daily/monthly/quarterly reports on revenue management

Job Requirements

  • Degree in Accounting or any other Finance related fields
  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience in a similar role with Audit or investigation experience
  • Minimum of 5 years in a senior management position
  • Member of ACA, ACCA or CMA
  • ICAN Certified will be an added advantage

Executive Assistant to the Chairman


Key Responsibilities


  • Oversee administration of the Chairman’s office and ensure efficient operations
  • Maintain and develop systems, procedures and records to maximise the Chairman’s effectiveness.
  • Manage all records and books of the Chairman’s personal and official transaction
  • Assist with budgeting for Chairman’s expense and related items; prepare and maintain Chairman’s expense reports.
  • Organize and participate in meetings;  prepare minutes of meeting for the Board of Directors’ meetings, management meetings and other high level meetings
  • Prepare and coordinate agendas and materials for Board of Directors’ meetings
  • Attend meetings and events on behalf of the Chairman

Operations Support

  • Provide sound, timely information and advice to the Chairman on pertinent issues and assist in the delegation and prioritization of tasks as necessary
  • Actively provide input and support in the operations of the Foundation; advice or make recommendations on required improvements or various initiatives
  • Actively provide input in the development of strategies and plans
  • Provide support in the delivery of Chairman’s mandate and the attainment of set goals
  • Develop presentations, speeches, reports, documents and other materials for meetings, conferences or decision making

Communications & Relationship Management

  • Establish clear channels of communication with internal and external stakeholders
  • Receive and manage correspondence of Chairman both internally and externally
  • Manage external contacts for the Chairman, understanding who they are, prioritizing, and keeping track of communications, commitments and activities
  • Act as the primary contact for individuals and organisations seeking support or information from the Chairman’s office

Special Projects

  • Coordinate, provide assistance or manage special projects as assigned
  • Collaborate with multiple departments on various projects and activities
  • Track progress on tasks and resolution of issues assigned to direct reports of the Chairman and others
  • Run errands for the Chairman as required


Job Requirements


  • Bachelors degree in Business Administration or any other related discipline
  • Relevant postgraduate qualification or professional certification would be added advantage.


  • Minimum of 5 years experience in similar role including supporting executive level officers
  • Experience in Charitable Foundations and related initiatives would be added advantage

Treasury Manager

Job Responsibilities:

Revenue Management

  • Account accurately for the purchase of energy from the market operator and allocate the cost to the appropriate cost centres/business units
  • Account for the sale of energy and other non-energy charges in line with billing and vending records
  • Ensure that appropriate tariffs and other rates are being applied to the units sold or charges raised
  • Ensure that market operator bills are in line with purchased power and that settlement is done in line with the payment calendar

Collections Management

  • Ensure that the company is making effective use of technology to give customer choice and making revenue collection as efficient as possible
  • Oversee all bank accounts including the opening, closure and operations of all rights and signing mandates
  • Minimize the levels of float to be held within banking system
  • Ensure that at all times the company has a valid debtors listing which has been properly aged and reconciled

Accounts Receivable Management

  • Ensure that the DAs are exercising effective oversight over the updating, amending and other changes to billing records by reviewing all such inputs
  • Ensure that at all times the company has a valid debtors listing which has been properly aged and reconciled
  • Ensure that customer accounts are updated on a daily basis using data from both the post-paid and vending system

Investment and Funding Operations

  • Arrange and Manage any facilities and/or funding arrangements entered into by the company and ensure compliance to all covenants
  • Prepare and update 5 year rolling financial plan and the financial model for the company
  • Determine appropriate funds investment strategy to be applied to temporary surplus in funds available for operations

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor Degree in Accounting or any other Finance related fields
  • Audit or investigation experience
  • Minimum of 10 years’ experience in a similar role
  • Minimum of 5 years in a senior management position
  • ICAN Certified
  • Member of ACA, ACCA or CMA

Financial Controller


Produce a financial forecast for company performance annually for submission to the board by November

  • Put together and communicate the required templates for the department’s effective delivery of the company financial plan
  • Assist the Finance Department in designing the appropriate structure and applying accounting policies that optimise tax planning
  • Plan meetings with statutory bodies, auditors, consultants and local suppliers as appropriate

Organise regular meetings with the Regional Finance Managers on regional outturns, expenditure review and BC performance on a 2JC basis

  • Ensure required financial records are generated and maintained at all branches and reported on time to Head Office
  • Arrange the appropriate schedules and documents required for the Statutory Audit
  • Coordinate through RFMs that invoices and payment vouchers are updated on ERP system on a daily basis
  • Monitor through RFMs the receipts, issues and transfers of stocks at branch and regional level
  • Maintain and reconcile the accounts of suppliers & third parties

Produce company reports, including: A) JC Management Accounts, B) Branch/Region Profitability Report on 4 JC Plan, C) Annual Budget and variances D) Weekly Cash Flow Statement E) Annual Financial Statements by the end of Jan for filing by June

  • Produce journey accounts before the end of first week of the subsequent JC
  • Produce a financial plan for the year by November for the following year
  • Produce Budgeted Vs Actual expenditure & variance analysis on a regular basis
  • Generate relevant information for the regional review meetings
  • Produce weekly cash flow statement

Ensure that company accounting policies, procedures are in place in order to ensure that employees comply with the company polices and the company is compliant with local authorities

  • Ensure that all expenses are put through the relevant company approval process
  • Action all statutory payments are made on or before the due date
  • Obtain the necessary clearance from tax authorities for the company tax returns

Responsible for the identification and implementation of the training and development needs for the accounts department, including self and RFMs

  • Assess the need for training & its implementation in respect of IFRS
  • Address performance requirements of direct reports
  • Ensure that regular workshops are conducted for BCs either directly or through RFMs

Ensures that the accounts department creates, coordinates and updates the templates for all aspects of company financial reporting to facilitate timely submissions

  • Check ongoing compliance with financial policies
  • Check authenticity of reports & expenses reported
  • Hold RFM meetings alternate journeys
  • Process personal administration on a timely basis and approve the expenses personally for direct reports

Job Requirements

  • First degree or equivalent in accounting, finance, business administration or related field
  • An MBA will an added advantage
  • People and budget management experience
  • Minimum of 7 – 10 years of experience in financial analysis, of which at least three (3) must have been at a strategic/ senior management level

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