Latest Careers At SPIE Oil & Gas Services

Latest Careers At SPIE Oil & Gas Services

SPIE Oil & Gas Services, a specialist subsidiary of the SPIE Group, is an international company providing services to the oil and gas industry.

* SPIE Oil & Gas Services provides its clients, which include oil companies, engineering firms and oil and gas contractors, a complete range of resources, skills and services for exploring and investigating new fields, building and operating facilities, and optimising production under optimal safety, cost, deadline and quality conditions.

* SPIE Oil & Gas Services, which is currently established in Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific and the Middle East, can call on the services of 4000 trained, loyal and valued individuals in 23 countries across five major business lines, including well services, systems integration, expertise services, competence development and asset support.

* Boasting a global view of the market and resources that are readily available, SPIE Oil & Gas Services delivers performance that is measured and appraised through a regional approach. The company is true to its values as it is to its quality, health, safety and environmental commitments.


Wireline Superintendence Services (F/M)

Job description

SERVICES Objectives:


  • Planning, writing Programmes and supervision of all Wireline operations onshore and offshore including well Completions. Well count over 220 wells.
  • Manage and control all Wireline equipment in COMPANY’s stock.





  • Supervision of Wireline operations onshore and offshore, receiving and filling reports from the field and writing of daily reports in the file and Data base. Writing of Wireline programme, weekly report and planning for the job.
  • Upgrading of Wireline data base
  • Supervise some special operations in the field, like fishing jobs.
  • Audit contractors in the location to ascertain compliance to COMPANY rules.
  • Take stock of tools in the Ware house and Geoservices Base
  • Hold well review meetings with GSR and well productivity group concerning Wireline programme
  • Follow up of Wireline jobs during Completion of wells.
  • Prepare call for Tender for Wireline operations.
  • Take monthly Wireline equipment inventory in Contractors’ base.
  • Prepare and follow up Purchase Request
  • Participate in well review meetings with well productivity group and GSR
  • Occasional on-site supervision of  wireline operations onshore and offshore



  • Inspect  Wireline equipment
  • Organise Monthly HSE meeting with contractors in their base and field.
    • Audit Wireline equipment
    • Convene Service Quality meetings when necessary.
    • Ensure service companies comply with FP and EXP rules



  • Maintain good communication with Contractors.



  • Ensure that the Wireline operations in the wells are safely done and to increase production.
  • Limit incurring Fishing operations as this could kill the well.
  • Work on weekends and public holidays as position is rotational
  • Optimize Wireline intervention

Desired Skills and Experience



  • Minimum of Ordinary National Diploma (OND) in Mechanical Engineering plus :
  • Minimum of 10 years experience in Wireline operations.
  • Good knowledge of equipment is required to be able to supervise and co-ordinate effectively.
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently and make decisions, and ability to solve technical problems.
  • Good oral, written presentation and communication skill in English language.
  • Have a PC literate with word processing and spread sheet applications in a Window environment.
  • International Well Control (IWCF) Certificate.
  • Excellent knowledge of Wireline tools from main contractors (Schlumberger, Halliburton, Baker, etc)
  • Trainings / Certifications: Must possess current IWCF, BOSIET or SAS / HUET (as a minimum) & Medical certifications.


Well Testing Stimulation & Pumping Superintendence Services (F/M)

Job description

SERVICES Objectives:

  • Responsible for providing comprehensive and on site support to completion operations complying with company policies and procedures.
  • Ensure that the well testing, DST,  stimulation and pumping campaign programmes and associated plans are developed and implemented in the most efficient, safe, environmentally friendly and cost effective manner, taking fully into account all Company and Legislative requirements and regulations.
  • Job preparation, operation follow up, supervision, follow up of technical approval of operations, give order to service companies, End of Well Reporting.




Preparation/ supervision/Optimisation

  • Meet with service companies, ensure all equipment is tested and ready to go and all safety and test certificates are up dated.
  • Provide completion supervision & assistance at the rig site when required.
  • Bring experience to support and optimise operations.
  • Prepare the budget for the activities
  • Operations Follow up
  • Identify, locate and select resources for Well testing, DST, Stimulation & Pumping operations: personnel, equipment, intervention means, marine support, services.
  • Control the data and information from the site are correct and consistent with operations ongoing, in order to ensure that reliable database is built. Study course of operations to identify strong and weak points.  Propose/recommend measures aimed at Improving the Well testing, DST, Stimulation & Pumping operations.
  • Participate in Call for Tender preparation (technical support)
  • Interface with on site production manager to support the day by day operations, ensuring lessons learnt are systematically captured, recorded and incorporated into future programs in order to continuously improve the performance and safety of operations.
  • Strong Interface with Slickline Superintendent, Well servicing Engineer.
  • Ensure job programs and its implementation are in line with company rules,
  • Write up of the end of well report, update well files database, evaluate contractor performance
  • Propose optimisation and standardisation for Well Testing, DST, Stimulation & Pumping operations. Know How Feed back
  • Plan, coordinate and supervise other onshore and offshore well operations as required including  PLTs, pressure surveys, fishing, perforations, cased hole logging, sand clean-out, gas shut off, water shut-off, gas injections, water injections, etc.
  • Interface with GSR / Production department when necessary.


Program/ job design

  • Write programs
  • Select and order appropriate equipment according to statement of requirement and operational planning.
  • Work closely with Completions and Well  Intervention  Engineers
  • Estimate and monitor costs versus approved budget estimates AFEs, and continually strive to reduce cost.


Testing equipment and associated services

  • Perform material and service requests and follow up the process also keep record of them.
  • Control and follow up downhole equipment stock status from different warehouses, 
  • Supervise the preparation of well testing/DST sub-assemblies in the contractor’s base;



  • Demonstrate a personal commitment to Health, Safety and the Environment., by abiding by

-     Local Statutory Health, Safety & Environmental Regulations

-     Corporate Health, Safety & Environment Policy, and applying Safety Management Systems.

  • Review HSE risk acceptance criteria and specific emergency preparedness requirements for well testing, stimulation & pumping  projects and update as required.
  • Maintain an overview of all non-conformances, which have arisen with regard to specific well testing, stimulation/pumping projects.
  • Review the preparation of the HSE case for the well testing and completion project.
  • Investigate and report on offshore incidents and non-conformances that are assigned to his area of activity.
  • Follow up the well specific HSE plan during the operations.
  • Participate in regular well service and stimulation unit inspections with contractor and act on the results of these. Ensure QA/QC commitments from service companies are applied.
  • Follow and apply Company Rules.



  • Review job/service tickets and verify if they are in compliance with contractual requirements and quote proposals.
    • Request various quotations before issuing Material or Service request.
    • Look for best services versus Cost.
    • Participate in training and development of National staff
    • Liaise with Completions  & Interventions Manager on all aspects of the completion and activities


Desired Skills and Experience


  • Minimum experience 10-15 years working experience in completion activities (onshore & offshore on exploration & development wells, work-over well servicing). Additional experience with DST operations is desirable.   
  • Experience with slickline and well intervention operations (CTU, snubbing, stimulation pumping). Knowledgeable in various completion techniques (Reservoir Wellbore Interface-sand control, hydraulic fracturing, water shut –off

            techniques, smart completion, etc.) 

  • Compliant with HSE CR: Well control certificate, RSE certificate. 
  • Required Competencies:

       –     Analytical approach to the problems, ability to analyse and solve technical and complex problems.

       -     Demonstrated ability to make decisions and work independently.

       -     Very good oral, presentation and written communication skills in English.

       –    Have a PC literate with word processing and spreadsheet applications in a Windows environment.

  • Required skills: Rigorous, curious, well organised, reactive, team work / Flexible to handle operations from office, Offshore or Onshore. On location leadership
  • Trainings / Certifications: Must possess current IWCF, BOSIET or SAS / HUET (as a minimum) & Medical certifications.


Base Company Site Representative (F/M)

Job description

The SERVICE holder will supervise/administer the execution of the Service Support and Life of Field Service elements of the EGINA Development Subsea Production System (SPS) Contract with Contractor, based at Contractor’s Supply Base in Onne Port.

The SERVICE holder will be the Client Representative and focal point for Company at the SPS Contractor premises (workshop / operational base) with regards to all Contractor base/workshop service support related activities.
SERVICE holder sphere of activity will include management of Contractor base/workshop service support related activities along with liaison with a number of interfacing packages namely:-

  • Company Drilling and Completions team for offshore installation, repair / replacement and routine servicing activities
  • UFR Contractor for offshore installation and onshore support activities
  • Company Commissioning team for support during commissioning and start-up activities
  • Company Field Operations team for supply and support during Life of Field

He/She will be have a leading role in promoting Company’s core HSE values through all stages of onshore and offshore activities, ensuring that Contractors operations are conducted in compliance with procedures:-:

The SERVICE will will require management and monitoring of Contractor’s In-Country service related activities as per the following:


    Oversee Contractor activity for the delivery, inspection, receipt testing (SRT), installation, commissioning and maintenance activity as well as associated storage, materials management, spares (spare part lists includes all consumables and replaceable parts + back-up equipment / technology), documentation, logistics, accommodation, base and workshop services necessary for the deployment of Contractor equipment* and services to Company in compliance with contractual obligations to Company.
    *Equipment include:
    - Wellhead, PGB Gasmat & associated equipment
    - Wellhead running tools
    - Xmas tree & running tools
    - Kits for Xtree assembly
    - Tubing hanger & running tools
    - IWOCS & tools
    - ROV & intervention tools
    - Jumper, Steel flying Leads (SFL), & associated tools
    - FPSO installed equipment
  • Maintenance
  • Spares
  • Operational Tooling
  • Personnel
  • Interfaces
  • Equipment receipt
  • Procurement/Services
  • Reporting

Desired Skills and Experience

  • Engineering degree (generalist, mechanical,) with experience in deepwater drilling / subsea / field operations or manifold fabrication / installation; and experience with service contract management.
  • 7 to 10 years cumulative experience engineering, fabrication or operations.

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