Business Development Manager At JAGAL Group

Business Development Manager At JAGAL Group

Jagal Limited is open to forming strategic partnerships where we and our partners can have mutually advantageous synergies. Jagal offers tremendous experience of doing business in Nigeria and has real substance in all its operating activities. Currently, we have numerous successful partnerships and joint ventures where we contribute equity, assets and genuine collaboration towards a unified vision.

We welcome open discussions from interested investors who are looking to do business in Nigeria. We are equally open to discussions with existing players and stakeholders who believe there are significant opportunities either on a project-by-project basis or in a form of long-term partnership

Business Development Manager

Job description

Job Title: Business Development Manager

Reporting to: Managing Director

Responsible for working to improve the company’s market position including, but not limited to;

Assisting with defining long-term organizational strategic goals, set sales targets, building key customer relationships, identifying business opportunities, networking, cold calling, assisting with advertising, generating interest from potential clients, develop persuasive approaches and pitches to potential clients, assisting in negotiating and closing business deals, maintaining an extensive knowledge of current market conditions, assist with growth and retaining existing key accounts / relationships with clients, collect intelligence on company’s competitors.

Key aims and objectives

•Actively and visibly promote the company, The Jagal Group and other Jagal Group Companies.

•Increase company turnover.

Manage Business Development effectively across the Company.

•Maintain a Professional Relationship with Clients.

•Maintain a high level of understanding of the company capabilities and capacity.

•Promote Discipline, Professional conduct and respect across the Company.

•Maintain high standards in documentation submitted to Clients.

•Maintain a professional relationship with company departments and functions.

•Set a professional example to all Company staff.

•Identify and seek support from the Managing Director where this is required to achieve Business

Prime responsibilities and duties:

•Identify potential clients, and the decision makers within the client organization.

Research and build relationships with new clients.

•Work with Jagal Group in researching new clients.

•Build a database of target opportunities (clients and projects).

•Identify any new ventures or services that could compliment the company’s service offer.

•Research competitors and their approach to clients.

•Obtain competitor intelligence to compare their business development approach to clients.

•Where possible obtain comparative information on competitor pricing levels in comparison with the company.

•Attend industry functions, such as association events and conferences, and provide feedback and information on market and creative trends.

•Research media that can be used in any marketing campaigns.

Business Development Planning

•Using knowledge of the market and competitors, identify and develop the company’s unique selling propositions and differentiators.

•Identify opportunities for campaigns, services, and distribution channels that will lead to an increase in sales.

•Present to and consult with mid and senior level management on business trends with a view to developing new services, products, and opportunity channels.

•Submit monthly progress reports and ensure data is accurate.

•Forecast sales targets

•Research and develop a thorough understanding of the company’s people and capabilities.

•Develop marketing literature that helps to explain the company’s values, experience, capability and capacity.

•Tailor marketing literature to suite particular client organisations.

New Business Development

•Prospect for potential new clients and turn this into increased business.

•Cold call as appropriate within your market or geographic area to ensure a robust pipeline of opportunities.

•Meet potential clients by growing, maintaining, and leveraging your network.

•Set up meetings between client decision makers and company’s practice leaders/Principals.

•Plan approaches and pitches to Clients.

•Work with senior manages of the company to develop proposals that speak to the client’s needs, concerns, and objectives.

•Handle objections by clarifying, emphasizing agreements and working through differences to a positive conclusion.

•Use a variety of styles to persuade or negotiate appropriately.

•Present an image that mirrors that of the client.

•Work with marketing staff to ensure that prerequisites (like prequalification or getting on a vendor list) are fulfilled within a timely manner.

Client Retention

•Present new products and services and enhance existing relationships.

•Work with technical staff and other internal colleagues to meet customer needs.

•Arrange and participate in internal and external client debriefs.

Professional Conduct / Communication

•Lead and direct effective communications and mechanisms for resolving any conflicts with clients.

•Ensure that professional conduct, communication, discipline and cultural respect is installed in all company personnel interfacing with clients. Actively promote this requirement at all times.


•Promote the Company at all times.

•Promote a professional work ethic amongst all staff.

•Comply with all JNL policies, processes and procedures.

•Identify deficiencies in any company process and procedures and implement remedies.

•Ensure that issues of non-compliance are dealt with effectively.

•Conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times.

•Maintain accurate and professional records.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

•Increase in number of new clients.

•Increase in quality and quantity of market intelligence.

•Increase in ratio of successful tenders.

•Positive feedback from clients.

•Repeat business from clients.

•Professional management approach and example set to other staff.

•Positive Feedback from interaction of Operations with other Company departments.

•Accurate and effective reporting to the Managing Director.

Key internal interfaces

Jagal Group Business Development personnel, Finance personnel, HR personnel, Admin personnel, Commercial personnel, Technical personnel

Key external interfaces



•Project Stakeholders.


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