Insurance Manager Needed At MTN Nigeria

Insurance Manager Needed At

Join MTN Nigeria if you want to be part of a company that leads the delivery of a bold new digital world to its customers.

At MTN Nigeria, our people are our most critical competitive asset. We employ only the very best and invest in your growth and development.

If you are passionate about working for a brand that believes in the difference that people make and in delivering value to our customers, MTN Nigeria is the place for you.

Please take that bold step and apply for a suitable vacancy.

We’ll be delighted to welcome you to MTN Nigeria … a great place to work!

We’re proudly IIP certified.


Job description                

    Liaise with relevant groups for companywide risk coverage

    Ensure proper insurance transactions accounting

    Manage the planning, development and administration of all insurance and claims activities of MTN Nigeria.

    Review MTNN needs for insurance and coordinates economic acquisition and provisions of insurance, making recommendations and participating in the planning and provisions of new insurance services.

     Oversee the tracking and maintenance of accurate data on certificates of insurance, property and vehicle inventories and valuations for insurance purposes and making changes and recommendations when necessary.

    Design and implement policies and procedures for managing the company’s risk.

    Manage the MTN’s portion of the Global Insurance Programme (GIP) such as; Material Damage and Business Interruption Covers, Directors and Officers Liability Insurance, Third Party (General) Liability Insurance, Commercial Crime (Fidelity Guarantee) Insurance, Property Terrorism and Sabotage Insurance.

    Manage the Risk Review processes to ensure that MTNN complies with Risk Management standard set by Insurers and the Group.

    Interpret and administer MTNN’s insurance policies and advise accordingly, reviewing the integrity and accuracy of Insurance premiums.

    Design and maintain company insurance portfolio and database, selecting, reviewing and assessing the performance of Insurance brokers.

    Liaise with MTNN Medium Term Creditors (IFC) on compliance with insurance requirements under the Common Terms Agreement (CTA).

    Manage MTNN staff related covers, due to the sensitivity of remuneration information involved, ensuring MTNN gets a fair compensation from Insurers through claims management.

Job condition   

• Normal MTNN working conditions

• May be required to work extended hours

Experience & Training   


8 years work experience which includes:

• Insurance administration/ management in a reputable insurance company or organization with large asset base

• Experience in negotiating policies and relating with Insurance Brokers

• Experience in a supervisory/ managerial role


• Best practice in Insurance Administration

• Nigerian Insurance Laws

• Soft skills (Negotiation Skills, Creative thinking, Effective Communication skills, etc.)

Minimum qualification




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