Job Vacancy At UNDP

Job Vacancy At UNDP

Under the guidance and supervision of the Operations Manager  and direct supervisor, the Driver provides reliable and safe driving services to UN personnel and other high-ranking UN officials and visitors ensuring highest standards of discretion and integrity, sense of responsibility, excellent knowledge of protocol and security issues. The Driver also demonstrates a client-oriented approach, courtesy, tact and ability to work with people of different national and cultural backgrounds.


 Upon request of the supervisor, the Driver can be also required to provide driving services to the operations and programme staff in the CO, Consultants and Experts and UN staff on mission



Duties and Responsibilities



Summary of Key Functions:


    Provision of reliable and secure driving services

    Proper use of vehicle

    Day-to-day maintenance of the assigned vehicle

    Availability of documents/ supplies



    Ensures provision of reliable and safe driving services by a) driving office vehicles for the transport of UN personnel, other high-ranking officials and visitors and delivery and collection of mail, documents and other items, and b) meeting official personnel and visitors at the airport including visa and customs formalities arrangement when required.

    Ensures cost-savings through proper use of vehicle through accurate maintenance of daily vehicle logs, provision of inputs to preparation of the vehicle maintenance plans and reports.

    Ensures proper day-to-day maintenance of the assigned vehicle through timely minor repairs, arrangements for major repairs, timely changes of oil, check of tires, brakescar washing, etc.

    Ensures availability of all the required documents/supplies including vehicle insurance, vehicle logs, office directory, map of the city/country, first aid kit, necessary spare parts in the assigned vehicle.

    Ensures that all immediate actions required by rules and regulations are taken in case of involvement in accidents.



Impact of Results


The key results have an impact on the accurate, safe, cost-effective and timely execution of the CO services.







    Ability to perform a variety of repetitive and routine tasks and duties

    Ability to review data, identify and adjust discrepancies

    Ability to handle a large volume of work possibly under time constraints

    Good knowledge of administrative rules and regulations

    Ability to operate and maintain a variety of computerized business machines and office equipment in order to provide efficient delivery of service

    Ability to organize and complete multiple tasks by establishing priorities

    Demonstrates excellent knowledge of driving rules and regulations and skills in minor vehicle repair (for Drivers)

    Demonstrates excellent knowledge of protocol (for Drivers)

    Demonstrates excellent knowledge of security issues (for Drivers)




    Collects and compiles data with speed and accuracy identifying what is relevant and discarding what is not, records it in an accessible manner and maintains data bases

    Thoroughly and methodically collects, verifies and records data demonstrating attention to detail and identifying and correcting errors on own initiative

    Transmits file data; creates and generate queries, reports and documents utilizing databases, spreadsheets, communications and other software packages with speed and accuracy

     Interprets data, draws conclusions and/or identifies patterns which support the work of others




    Creates, edits and presents information (queries, reports, documents)  in visually pleasing, clear and presentable formats  such as tables, forms, presentations, briefing notes/books and reports using advanced word processing and presentation functions and basic database and spreadsheet software

    Ability to produce accurate and well documented records conforming to the required standard




    Organises and accurately completes multiple tasks by establishing priorities while taking into consideration special assignments, frequent interruptions, deadlines, available resources and multiple reporting relationships

    Plans, coordinates and organises workload while remaining aware of changing priorities and competing deadlines

    Demonstrates ability to quickly shift from one task to another to meet multiple support needs

    Establishes, builds and maintains effective working relationships with staff and clients to facilitate the provision of support


Promoting learning and knowledge management/sharing is the responsibility of each staff member.



Required Skills and Experience




Secondary Education. Valid Driver’s license.



3 years’ work experience as a driver; safe driving record; knowledge of driving rules and regulations and skills in minor vehicle repair.


Language Requirements:  

Fluency in the language of the duty station, knowledge of the UN language of the duty station.




UNDP is committed to achieving workforce diversity in terms of gender, nationality and culture. Individuals from minority groups, indigenous groups and persons with disabilities are equally encouraged to apply.


Additional Information:

This is a national position and therefore carries no expatriate benefits. Non Nigerian nationals are not encouraged to apply.



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