John Holt Plc Company Profile

John Holt Plc Company Profile

John Holt Plc Company ProfileJohn Holt has been an important participant in many areas of the Nigerian economy. The Group’s enduring relationship with its parent company has enabled it to attract strong franchises and international brands.
The Group’s operations and interests are managed by the following divisions:

This is a dominant leader among its peers in the country and has different business operational units including:

John Holt Engineering: This unit specializes in the sales, installation and maintenance of High Capacity Diesel Generators from 12.5kVA to 2200kVA. These generators are made in factories that are ISO 9001 certified and assembled in Nigeria. This unit also undertakes sale of genuine spare parts.

John Holt Cooling: This unit oversees sales, leasing and maintenance of Holt Star Air-conditioners which are assembled in our purpose-built factory in Lagos. This is also the operational leasing unit of the Group, providing professional lease and financing arrangements which enable organisations meet their equipment and machinery needs for Holt Star Air-conditioners, Generators, Boats and other operational equipment used by most corporate organisations.

Fire Safety Solutions: This unit executes the franchise for the Group in the distribution of Angus Fire (UK) and Rosenbauer (Austria) fire fighting equipment in Nigeria. The unit also provides adjunct services such as surveys, installations, services and maintenance.

Assemblies & Fabrication: This unit specializes in the fabrication of industrial and agricultural equipment as well as vehicle components and storage tanks. It also specializes in the assembly of generating sets, air-conditioners, and motorcycles. The Assembly plants were built with technical assistance from John Holt’s technical partners in Europe and Asia.

Yamaco: This unit executes the franchise for the Group in the sole distribution of Yamaha petrol and diesel generators (from 0.7kVA to 10kVA), Yamaha motorcycles, Yamaha outboard motors, water pumps and multipurpose engines. It also provides efficient after sales maintenance and spare parts back up. Yamaha products have efficient and reliable qualities which have made them popular and in constant demand worldwide.

Almarine: This unit is the pioneer leader in the construction of glass reinforced plastic (GRP) boats in Nigeria. John Holt’s interest in boat building arose from the desire to engage in manufacturing enterprise and contribute to the development of a host of activities associated with marine technology, fishing, transportation, defence and leisure. It also offers lease and hire packages for our world class light marine vessels built by Almarine which are widely-used in the oil industry.

JOHN HOLT PROPERTIES: - This division operates in the following areas:
Warehousing and Inventory Management: John Holt Properties offers Merchandising and Redistribution Depot Services (MRDS) that link a controlled number of manufacturers, importers, wholesale distributors and their dealers, in almost 30 (thirty) key commercial city centres in Nigeria. Services provided focus on warehousing and inventory management.

Facility Management: John Holt Properties has a high level of proficiency in Facility Management. This was acquired over decades of managing John Holt Plc HQ and numerous John Holt branches nationwide. Also managed are 21 (twenty one) waterfront, luxury apartments in Victoria Island and other residential buildings in Victoria Island, Ikoyi and Lekki Phase 1.

Property Development: John Holt Properties is responsible for the development and management of the Group’s property portfolio across Nigeria, currently valued in excess of Seven Billion Naira. The division is also dedicated to identifying and executing property development opportunities, geared towards providing high quality office and residential accommodation solutions. John Holt Properties offers modern design options that merge functionality with aesthetics, allowing the delivery of these distinctive housing and commercial units.”


John Holt Construction Ltd specialises in the design and construction of roads, bridges, drainages, high quality buildings for both residential & industrial use, warehouses, shoreline protection, jetties, telecommunication masts and other Civil Engineering projects.

The Group Head Office is responsible for managing all centralised functions of the Group such as Central Purchasing, Insurance, Finance, Human Capital Development, IT and Legal.

Our Shared Values

John Holt is known for providing products and services of high and excellent grades.

We feel deeply responsible to our shareholders and customers.

John Holt is known for its ethical practices and transparency in all dealings with stakeholders.

We constantly seek ways to do things better.

We are known for our willingness to co-operate as part of a team for the greater good of the stakeholders.

We are known for doing everything at the agreed and appointed time.

We are constantly seeking business opportunities for the group.

Our Core Values

“To impact positively on the prosperity and wellbeing of our stakeholders”

“To be among the top ten conglomerates in Nigeria by 2014”




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