Senior Production Technologist At SEPLAT – Oil&Gas

Senior Production Technologist At SEPLAT – Oil&Gas

SEPLAT is an independent oil and gas exploration and production company incorporated and operating in Nigeria with a strategic focus on Nigeria. The company was founded in 2009 by Shebah Petroleum Development Company Limited and Platform Petroleum (Joint Ventures) Limited for the purpose of investing in Nigerian oil and gas opportunities. Maurel & Prom, a French independent oil company, subsequently acquired a 45 per cent equity interest in SEPLAT; this interest was later spun-off to form Maurel & Prom Nigeria S.A (now Maurel & Prom International)

In July 2010, it acquired a 45 per cent participating interest in three producing assets (OMLs 4, 38 and 41) and was appointed operator of these portfolio of three on-shore producing oil and gas leases located in the prolific western Niger Delta basin of Edo and Delta states. The 45% participating interest in these OMLs were acquired from SPDC, Total (E&P) Nigeria and NAOC. At the beginning, SEPLAT was in JV partnership with NNPC (Nigerian National Petroleum Co-operation) until NNPC transferred its 55% interest to NPDC (Nigeria Petroleum Development Company). SEPLAT is the operator of these assets in the NPDC/SEPLAT Joint Venture.

SEPLAT has become a leading indigenous oil and gas operator in Nigeria. The company has increased its production and reserves year-on-year and has grown revenues and net profit in each year since it commenced operations. The company’s production has maintained a remarkable growth trajectory, rising from a gross operated oil production of 14,000 barrels per day at inception to its current daily crude oil production of around 60,000 barrels per day. The OMLs have a combined proven and probable reserve in excess of 500 million barrels of liquid hydrocarbon and gas reserves in excess of 1.6TCF. These provide a platform for significant potential growth.


Senior Production Technologist

Job description

  1. Overall Purpose of the Job:

The incumbent will provide very strong support to the identification of production improvement opportunities and production optimization studies in conjunction with the reservoir engineer, petrophysicist and production geologist in the asset development team. The incumbent will ensure the highest levels of competence of production technologists in the asset development team to include the, budget management, recruitment, retention, competency development and professional coaching and mentoring.


Principal Accountabilities:

1. Work in an integrated study team (as a member or a study team lead) where you can learn from others and equally contribute with your own background and experience. Make PT input into field development plan. The required technical work will comprise but will not be limited to well performance modelling, sand prediction, sand control selection and upper completion design, perforating and smart well design for land and swamp operations.


Ensure compliance with well, reservoir and facility  management, well integrity, voidage and flare control guidelines and taking appropriate actions in assigned field/s.


Identification of short term oil opportunities for ranking in the business planning processes and the maturation of short term oil opportunities within the asset team.


Ensure flow assurance for the life cycle the project. Incorporate mitigation strategies into production optimisation plans.


Provide conceptual completion design for the most economic production throughout the life cycle of the well, i.e. performance modelling, tubing sizing, artificial lift design, drainage conduits, selection of completion accessories (e.g. SMART equipment, no of packers), material specification etc.


Identify candidate wells, which have near-wellbore or wellbore damage for stimulations (e.g. acid or Waves stimulations) and design suitable treatment. Monitor the stimulations operations and evaluate the results.

·     Identify water or gas shut-off candidates wells and design treatments (mechanical and chemical treatments). Monitor operations and evaluate results.

·     Identify wells that require additional and/or re-perforations, due to high mechanical skin and design operations (e.g. gun selection, drawdown). Monitor operations and evaluate results.



Generate an activity proposal for any of the above operations, which contains the economic justification, functional design and programme outline.


Generate well/system model (incl. the artificial lift) to compare actual performance with predicted. Identify wells that are not optimized and initiate actions/well interventions to change the operating conditions. Identify wells that are not performing and review options to improve inflow performance.


Generate a well/reservoir surveillance plan, in conjunction with other disciplines, obtain key data and incorporate it into asset surveillance plan.

·     Identify candidates for BHPs, production logging & related cased hole logs and design the operation. Monitor operations and evaluate results.

·     Generate an activity proposal for any surveillance operations, which contains the economic justification, functional design and outline programme



Carries out other similar or related duties such as assisting in the preparation and presentation of Technical papers to Company management and Interest Holders, maintaining close working relationship with field staff to ensure that field related tasks are carried out in efficient manner and related problems are timely identified and action.

Desired Skills and Experience

Job Knowledge and Qualifications:

As Production Technologists have a broad understanding of other E&P disciplines and skills in all key Production technologist specialties. A university degree in Engineering or equivalent with 6 – 10 years relevant experience, including a minimum of 5 years PT work experience in an operating company. Skills in the following:

  • Well Modeling & Performance
  • Production System Optimization
  • Conformance Technology
  •  Well Integrity Management and Determining Well Operating Envelope
  •  Planning & Design of Well Intervention Activities
  • HSE considerations in well management and completion operations
  • Completion Design and supervision
  • Oil well cementing and Drill-in Fluids
  • Knowledge in Production Operation
  • Coaching/Mentoring


Production Technologist core skills                                Skilled

People management, work and lead teams                     Skilled

Strategy development                                                   Knowledge

Stake holder engagement/relationships                         Knowledge

Manage HSE and Risk                                                   Skilled

Results oriented, commercial focus                                Skilled



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