New Job Vacancy at Multichoice Nigeria

New Job Vacancy at Multichoice Nigeria

To succeed in today’s highly competitive, technology-driven media environment, MultiChoice must attract and keep the best people – people who thrive on challenge and continually strive for excellence.


Head of Sales

Job description

(External factors which influence the work environment, taking future conditions and strategic requirements into account)

  •     Global organisation
  •     Leading edge technology
  •     Legislation
  •     Competitive environment
  •     Market expansion

(Products, services, programs and information which the individual must provide to external individuals or groups, or one another to accomplish the organisation’s mission and strategy)

  •     Develop and implement the Nigeria sales strategy for all the products
  •     Ensure relationship building / maintenance with Mega Dealers, Super Dealers  & Retailers
  •     Implement and Manage the Moms and pops strategy
  •     Co-ordinate and communicate promotional activities
  •     Monitor and generate sales reports
  •     Gather market and competitor information
  •     Manage sales budget
  •     Manage sales staff
  •     Communicate sales plan to other function in the organisation
  •     Ensure relationship building / maintenance with  Mega Dealers, Super Dealers  & Retailers
  •     Set and achieved sales roll out
  •     Provide sales support to the Sales Team, dealers and installers


  •     8 years senior Sales and Marketing/ product management experience in the TV, broadband or communications industries with experience in building consumer propositions and managing rights
  •     Experience in formulating & implementing new and profitable growth strategies
  •     Very good understanding of distribution delivery platforms


  •     Pay TV industry understanding
  •     Business acumen
  •     Market / customer knowledge
  •     Product / service knowledge
  •     Competitor knowledge
  •     Financial understanding
  •     Human Resources understanding
  •     Business process knowledge


  •     Logical reasoning
  •     Group management
  •     Negotiation
  •     Relationship building
  •     Presentation
  •     Communication
  •     Strategic thinking
  •     Analytical thinking
  •     Decision making
  •     Idea generation
  •     Planning & organising
  •     Leadership
  •     Motivation
  •     Interpersonal
  •     Selling skills

Personal Qualities

  •     Achievement orientation
  •     Service orientation
  •     Drive/energy
  •     Calculated risk taking
  •     Self-starter
  •     Initiative Assertiveness
  •     Willing to travel extensively
  •     Detail orientated
  •     Practical



  1. bro.shedi says

    I need job in multichoice please, my name is Shedrach. I am an SSCE graduate having experience about DSTV. am ready for de job please.

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