New Job Vacancy At JAGAL Group

New Job Vacancy At JAGAL Group

Nigerdock’s fabrication yard is the standard by which excellence in the industry is measured. It has delivered on the country’s most important oil & gas construction projects including Total’s Usan and Akpo fields, ExxonMobil’s Erha and MIPS projects, Chevron’s Agbami and Escarvos Gas Projects as well as Shell’s Bonga project. The company’s capability includes construction of FPSO topside process modules, offshore platforms, flares, bridges and has built several of the world’s largest deepwater SPM buoys. The company is focused on becoming an FPSO topside integration centre for the industry.

Nigerdock is committed to the highest safety standards in the industry and has defined and maintained Health, Safety and Environmental Manuals, Policies and Procedures for all of its operations. The company’s workforce is consistently trained in the safe working practices of their individual fields.

Operations Director

Job description


Reporting to the MD, the role will develop a strategy for the development, improvement and maintenance for all operational functions, set a leadership example, driving and promoting HSE across the company, drive discipline, ensure a professional culture is developed, promoted and maintained, promote equality of opportunity, promote respect of staff, promote professional conduct,  encourage innovation, promote quality of service and high quality standards, lead and direct positive changes, promote the development and use of Company Process and Procedures, plan the workforce, build, maintain and promote relationships with other Company functions / departments, promote the use of technology, take effective decisions, promote learning and development, improve business performance, monitor and solve problems, develop a best in country operations to set JNL aside from other contractors.


Overall responsibility / accountability for all Projects / Construction Contracts will cover:  


Health and Safety, Project Planning and Programming, Resource Allocation (People and Plant / Equipment), Resource management, Contract administration, Cost Control, Quality control, Construction Methodologies, Promoting Company conduct and culture, Maintaining Professional Client Relationship, Promoting a Disciplined and Professional Work Ethic on every project.

Key Responsibilities

  • Health and Safety
  • Promote of Health and Safety across the Company at all times.
  • Take an active, visible role in the promotion of Health and Safety by leading regular Health and Safety meetings and visibly and actively championing Health and Safety.
  • Support the Health and Safety department in all its initiatives.

Client Relationships

  • Serve as a key link with all clients.
  • Ensure that a professional, disciplined and focused effort is installed in all project team members.
  • Promote the Company and Company’s ability at all times and ensure that team members promote the Company at all times.
  • Ensure projects are delivered to meet the requirements of our Clients.

Maintain Professional Conduct / Communication

  • Lead and direct effective communications and mechanisms for resolving conflicts among various project participants.
  • Ensure that professional conduct, communication, discipline and cultural respect is installed in all operations and on all project teams. Actively promote this requirement at all times.
  • Ensure that project sites are set up and run professionally.

Managing Resources

  • Constantly assess resource requirements.
  • Recruit additional resource to meet operational and project requirements.
  • Reduce resources where required.
  • Ensure that operational resource understand their responsibility and accountability.
  • Discipline staff within your department that is not complying with the Operational and Company requirements.
  • When required, terminate staff who constantly does not comply with Operational and Company Requirements.
  • Maintain optimum utilization of resources- labor, materials and equipment across all projects.
  • Ensure that project teams co-ordinate their efforts with all other parties involved in the projects.

Pre-Construction Planning

  • Work with other company departments in tender management where required. Provide Operations resource to support tender management where required.
  • Ensure that Operational resource participate in tender process where required to assist in developing the project scope, resource requirements and project program.
  • Ensure that the project objectives are developed and planned, set performance requirements, and select project participants.
  • Ensure that the objectives/goals of each project team member is understood and communicated and agree and assign individual responsibilities.

Design and Design Management

  • Work with consultants and Technical Department to ensure that project designs are managed effectively.


  • Ensure that all project activities to meet the contract program  / Client Requirements
  • Ensure that the progress of the construction activities is monitored and reviewed on a regular basis and that regular status meetings are held with all the sub-teams across all projects.
  • Ensure that actions are taken on projects to deal with the results of delays, bad weather, or emergencies at construction site.

Commercial Management / Commercial interface

  • Constantly monitor the cost of operations and the cost of resource under your control and use this information to inform decisions required for effective and efficient control of costs.
  • Ensure that projects are planned effectively to identify the requirement for subcontract procurement.
  • Ensure that projects are programmed / planned to engage or seek assistance from the Commercial Department / commercial resource at the right time to suite the overall project program objective.
  • Ensure that project teams constantly work with Commercial Department / Commercial Resource to meet commercial objectives and budgets for the projects.
  • Ensure that subcontract procurement is not reactive and that procurement is proactively planned.
  • Ensure that project teams follow commercial processes and do not deviate from these.

Supply Chain / Material Procurement

  • Ensure that projects and project teams plan effectively and procure materials effectively and early enough to suite the project program.
  • Ensure that material procurement is not reactive and that procurement is proactively planned.
  • Ensure that project teams follow supply chain / material procurement processes and do not deviate from these.

Subcontract Management

  • Ensure that the Company Requirements for Health and Safety are effectively communicated to Subcontractors and that project team actively promotes the Company Health and Safety standards and requirements.
  • Ensure that subcontractors are managed effectively to complete subcontract works to program, within budgets and to the required quality standards.


  • Ensure that good record keeping is maintained within your department and on all projects.
  • Ensure that all administration is carried out in a professional manner.
  • Ensure that all documentation produced by operations / projects is to a high standard.
  • Ensure that project site offices are administered professionally.
  • Ensure that all rules, regulations and company policies are communicated to all operational staff

Quality Management / Quality Control

  • Ensure that the Company Requirements for Quality Management / Quality Control is effectively communicated to all project staff and subcontractors and that project team actively promotes the Company Quality standards and requirements.


  • Ensure that the Company’s Health and Safety Policy complied with.
  • Promote Health and Safety at all times.
  • Promote the Company at all times.
  • Promote a professional work ethic amongst all staff.
  • Comply with all JNL policies, processes and procedures.
  • Identify deficiencies in any company process and procedures and implement remedies.
  • Ensure that issues of non-compliance are dealt with effectively.
  • Conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times.
  • Maintain accurate and professional records.
  • Undertake regular audits to ensure compliance with Company Requirements

Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

  • Company Health and Safety Standards met
  • Positive feedback from the client.
  • Repeat business from clients.
  • Company operations considered best in class by Clients.
  • Resources managed efficiently and effectively.
  • Professional management approach and example set to other staff.
  • Project sites set up and run professionally.
  • Project teams work effectively and professionally together.
  • Positive feedback regarding operations and project teams.
  • Positive Feedback from interaction of Operations with other Company departments.
  • Project Programs developed and met for all projects.
  • Project Quality Standards met on all projects.
  • Project completed within budget on all projects.
  • Timely and effective reporting.
  • Accurate and effective reporting to the Managing Director.


Desired Skills and Experience

  • Educated upto a minimum of a degree level, preferably in engineering or business management
  • Minimum 20 years work experience in operations, minimum 5 of which in a senior role, in the construction industry
  • Demonstrated track record in business development, tendering and contract management, and vendor/ sub contractor management
  • Demonstranted track record in project site set up, resource planning, and procurement
  • Strong leadership and problem solving skills
  • Strong communication and presentation skills
  • Organizational skills, people management skills, discipline and a strong work ethic will all be important to succeed in this role


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