International Adolescent Consultant (Quantitative) At UNICEF

International Adolescent Consultant (Quantitative) At UNICEF


In the Nigeria CPD approved by the board in September 2013 there is an outcome on adolescents. There is a clear strategic intent to avoid UNICEF-centred, small scale projects. These would only be able to affect a very small fraction of the estimated 40-45 million Nigerian adolescents. Thus, the focus of our work should be on leveraging the government’s policies, legislation and budgets in favour of integrated programmes and action for all adolescents, in order to promote their opportunities, their engagement, and building their citizenship. A key component of this should also include the meaningful involvement of adolescents in policy and programme design, budgeting, and monitoring.

Thus, in order to provide the evidence on which to base this work, three studies will be carried out to

assess and review the situation of adolescents as well as the policies, programmes, support for, and

involvement of adolescents in Nigeria. This TOR refers to one of these studies.

General objectives

Collect and analyse quantitative evidence on the situation and prospects for Nigerian adolescents. Based

on this review, the consultant (s), in dialogue with UNICEF staff, other UN Partners, NGOs, and government officials, would propose a medium-term strategy for the work of the CO on adolescents for the rest of the Country Programme.

Major/specific tasks

In order to describe the situation of adolescents;

 Conduct a quantitative review based on the most recent DHS and MICS regarding adolescent

education, living conditions, health (including reproductive health), HIV/AIDS, Child protection,

participation in paid and unpaid labour activities, access to information, and everyday challenges

will be carried out.

 Coordination meeting with Social Policy team to brief on the step by step process to be adopted.

 Draft the report and share the draft report for comments and discussions

 Incorporate comments and finalize the report.

 Conduct an exit meeting with Social Policy team members

 Submission of reportExpected Deliverables

A final report in English consisting of 50-60 pages (including tables but excluding bibliography and sources)

describing and answering the elements and questions specified and described in the objectives and major task to be accomplished.

Based on the report, develop a set of proposals for a medium-term strategy for the work of UNICEF Nigeria

Country Office on adolescents.

Note that format of the report will be specified at the time of engaging the consultant.

Payment Schedule

The consultant will be paid fees instalmentally based on expected deliverables as per work plan to be

agreed with supervisor.

Minimum qualification and specialized knowledge/experience

At least 8 years of progressive responsibility experience dealing with Household Surveys.

 Advanced university degree in in statistics, Sociology, Economics, Demography or similar

 Have strong analysis and good inter-personal communication skills;

 Have a professional command of English, both oral and written, good report writing skills;

 Experience working with United Nations joint programming frameworks and result-based

management systems is a particular advantage.

Estimated time of consultancy

A period of three months. Some of the activities can be performed outside of Nigeria (e.g. desk review of

some documents) but the consultants will spend a minimum of three weeks and a maximum of three

months in Nigeria. Activities are expected to start in October 2014. They will be finalized by January 2015.

How to apply

Candidates interested in the above position should submit his/her application, accompanied by updated CV

in English and a completed United Nations Personal History Form, (which can be downloaded from our

website at to the email address [email protected] on or before 15 October

2014. Please put the position title you are applying for on the subject line of your email.

UNICEF, a smoke-free environment, is committed to gender equality in its mandate and its staff. Well

qualified candidates, particularly women are strongly encouraged to apply


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