How to Avoid Scam During Job Search in Nigeria

How to Avoid Scam During Job Search in Nigeria

How to Avoid Scam During Job Search in Nigeria

How to Avoid Scam During Job Search in Nigeria

Food, shelter, and clothing are the three most basic and essential needs of life. And in the search for these three needs, we often seek for employment across different platforms. There are various ways of searching for jobs in Nigeria, but, due to the increasing rate of cybercrime, most job vacancies listed are fraudulent and detailed scam to get money from job seekers.
The purpose of this article is to guide intending job seekers not to fall prey to the awaiting scammers and therefore avoid waste of time and money. The good thing is that most of their techniques come in the same format, so you will know its fake!
Contact Details
Avoid putting your details online on every job listing platform. Intending employers don’t require your details via public forum. So, avoid putting your info out there because they will not contact you back.
Most people see jobs listed on various platform and some people unknowingly enter their details hoping a potential employer will see them but they are inadvertently sharing their contact information with potential scammers.
Pre-Interview Scam
After harvesting your contacts from different platforms, the next step is for them to contact you and dangle the bait in form of interview. Here’s where you need to pay close attention to the little details.
1. The message does not bear a company name: most of these scammers won’t include their names in the message you will receive. All you will see are the address, the time and date, and a phone number. A genuine company will not hide its identity from a potential employee.
2. The message will say “interview/job briefing”: whatever job briefing means I don’t know!
3. You will see a code or reference: something like “HR=1123″ or “REF=0566″. This is an indication of the code number of the person who invited you to the “job briefing”.
4. It will contain a phone number: this is the number of your referrer. Most genuine companies don’t give phone numbers.
5. You will see HR Admin in the message instead of company name.
6. If you call their number, they will be reluctant to give info on the company.
Interview Scam
Most companies will conduct the interview within the location of their office. When you get job interview message, and the venue specified is either a fast food restaurant or any other random venue, then you should start getting suspicious.
Unless if the recruiting company uses an HR Firm to recruit, then, the need for an outside location may arise. Then, you should check their website for the listed job interviews and the venue. Remember that anyone can set up a website and claim to be a recruitment firm, and red flag should raise suspicion within you. Remember you are on a job search and not looking for a way to get scammed.

Checkout the address specified as interview venue online. A quick search on Google might save you a   people using other platforms that have been scammed before usually post those addresses online for others to avoid.


Random Posting
When going round, we see flyers being posted on the walls or flyers being shared around by random people. Ignore them like a plague; 99% of them are scammers.
Shine your eyes well.
The above represent the opinion of the writer. And as such might not always apply in all situations. Some companies are ‘old school’ and they still do things the old fashioned way. The best thing is to be alert, to spot the little red herrings and not be blinded by the desire to land the job at all cost.
For those who have had any previous experience in the hands of these scammers, share it via the comment box and let others learn from it and avoid the same scam.

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By Ola Olajide ,  from Ikeja, Lagos State.





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