Arik Air Nigeria Company Profile

Arik Air Nigeria Company Profile

Arik Air Nigeria Company ProfileOur history

Arik Air is a wholly-owned Nigerian airline with a commitment to the people of Nigeria to deliver new standards in aviation.

We were founded in 2002 as the vision of Sir Arumemi-Ikhide, a leading and well-respected Nigerian businessman who understood that if business was to succeed, there needed to be efficiency and quality of service. He had spent many years travelling throughout Nigeria without the satisfaction of knowing that he could depend on the existing choice of air transport services available to him. He also recognised the importance of healthy market competition in achieving efficiency. A plan for change was soon set in motion.

Brand and values

The Arik brand is synonymous with efficiency, customer-commitment, adherence to aviation polices & standards and an avant-garde in providing quality aviation services.

Our values

Underpinning the organisation’s Core Vision & Purpose” are the associated “Core values”. Core values reflect the essential and enduring tenets of the organisation..

Arik’s Core values are…

  • Safety and reliability
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Excellence in conduct, performance and reputation
  • Hard work, fortitude and continuous self-improvement
  • Respect for the dignity of our customers, fellow colleagues and our communities
  • ​​And last, but not the least……a creative, imaginative and entrepreneurial outlook that sees possibilities where others see limitations.  That blazes a path so that others might follow and sees things as they ’could be’ rather than merely as they currently are.

Our goals and objectives

  • To operate above and beyond the highest standards of safety and security
  • To offer a superior level of customer service and to deliver on all promises made to our guests
  • To provide our shareholders with an attractive return on their investment
  • To be the most punctual airline in Nigeria
  • To provide continuous quality training and development to all our employees;
  • To conduct our business with the highest level of integrity, business ethics and moral values.

Our vision

  • To provide world-class experiences and services which are safe, reliable and continually contribute towards both improved user quality of life as well as the elevation of Nigeria’s global standing

Our Mission

  • To become a dominant air-services brand, globally admired for its world-leading operating, safety and service delivery standards, as well as its role in promoting Nigeria’s reputation at home and abroad”.


Arik Air offers numerous opportunities to professionals of all nationalities. On our site you will find vacancies for positions being offered. The recruitment process will generally take place in the country where the position is located.

Join Us

Arik Air is now Nigeria’s leading commercial airline. People choose to work here for many reasons. There is the excitement of being a part of a vibrant, international and expanding airline community. We also offer the opportunity to travel and this incentive motivates prospective employees who want to join the Arik team and work for the “Wings of Nigeria”.




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