Oil and Gas Jobs Available at Saipem

Saipem is a large and international turnkey contractors in the oil & gas industry.
The Company enjoys a superior competitive position for the provision of EPC/EPCI services to the oil industry both onshore and offshore with a particular focus on the toughest and most technologically challenging projects and activities in remote areas.
Saipem is a global contractor, with strong local presence in strategic and emerging areas such as West Africa, North Africa, Central Asia, Middle East, and South East Asia and it employs over 48,000 people, comprising more than 125 nationalities.

Piping QC Inspector

Job description

  • Obtain and acquire knowledge of project documentation and specification requirements, standards and codes as required by the scope of the contract.
  • Ensure that material receiving inspections are carried out.
  • Ensure that all personnel performing inspection and testing requiring experience and qualifications are identified and that their qualifications are kept updated and recorded.
  • Ensure that all testing and measuring equipment are identified, calibrated and suitable for testing and that instructions for their use and setting are available.
  • Ensure implementation of Inspection and Test Plans for structural steel, vessels, column, tanks, spheres, heat exchangers      and air coolers, skid mounted packages, piping, pipe supports, pipe ways, pipelines etc., and perform, with a minimal external support from his Supervisor, all pertinent quality control and on site surveillances.
  • Witness inspection and testing and ensure that they are performed as scheduled in order to meet project objectives.
  • Evaluate inspection and testing results in accordance with requirements defined in the Contract.
  • Provide support for any identified potential non-conformances or any work defects occurring systematically.
  • Ensure that non-conformance reports have been closed out satisfactorily and that pertinent documentation have been completed.
  • Ensure the timely issuing of inspection and testing quality records and check their adequacy to demonstrate the conformity of construction works to the Quality Control Plans.
  • Collect and maintain inspection and test records and status.
  • Review quality records summaries and their traceability by system, part or area of plant as required for mechanical completion and for documentation to be handed over to client.

Desired Skills and Experience

  • A degree in Mechanical Engineering or any other related field of study.
  • A minimum of 2 years work experience in Piping/Mechanical Quality Control position.
  • Proven skills in Piping/Mechanical operation activities, pipe insulation, Coating / painting methods, construction activities,      control of instrument calibration; industry standards, quality control activities, quality inspection activities, quality reporting and site material control.
  • Proven computer skills (Microsoft Excel & Word)
  • Resident in/willing to reside in Warri area.

Subsea Pre-Commissioning Engineer


  • Be responsible for the overall project pre‐commissioning scope of work both at Contractor and Sub‐contractor level and engineering and operational level
  • Lead the appointed team of subsea pre‐commissioning engineers to achieve a successful project in time and within budget


1) Be responsible for Interface with, provide inputs to and review documents issued by the following departments:

  • Detail design: review the proposed design of all the incorporated items (valves, connectors, tees, pipes, bends, umbilicals, etc…) as well as the subsea structures design (pipeline termination end, manifold, inline tee, pig launcher and receiver), in order to guarantee their pre‐commissioning‐ability (onshore & offshore) and their piggability during normal operation;
  • Interface: assist the project Interface Manager(s) in the issuance/review/expediting of all the interface technical queries related to items free issued by the CLIENT to CONTRACTOR or for operational interfaces with one or several other Contractors(FPSO, OLT, Umbilical, etc…);
  • Installation Engineering: provide inputs and support to the methods engineers responsible for the installation procedure related to pre‐commissioning equipment subsea deployment (downline, PLR, caps, SPU) or set‐up on board the support  vessel (deck lay outs, sea fastening drawings, etc…);
  • Fabrication: Specify the onshore test requirements and review the subsea structures fabrication/testing procedures;

2) To prepare the pre‐commissioning plan, philosophy, specifications and requisitions for the pre‐commissioning activities to be sub‐contracted;

3) To specify and follow‐up the procurement, fabrication and mobilization of the installation aids required for the pre‐commissioning activities;

4) To assist the Sub‐contract Engineer during the Sub‐contract tendering phase on all technical aspects, such as the review of the technical offers, the issuance of tender bulletin and clarifications, the review and approval of the Sub‐Contractors proposed list of equipment, instrumentation, consumables and personnel;

5) To review and approve the Sub‐Contractor(s) procedures and clarifications/qualifications

6) To coordinate the interfaces between Subcontractors’ equipment spread(s) and the vessels on which they will have to be mobilized;

7) To coordinate and supervise the Sub‐contractor equipment and personnel preparation and mobilization/demobilization;

8) To supervise the pre‐commissioning activities performed by the Pre‐commissioning Sub‐ Contractor’s team on site either on offshore/onshore facilities or on installation vessels.

9) To assist the Installation Manager for the operation schedule set‐up and modifications

10) To attend meetings with Client regarding problems arising from pre‐commissioning and commissioning activities

11) To set‐up the mechanical completion management system following COMPANY’s specification and implementation/management of this system during operations;

Desired Skills and Experience

1) Good knowledge of International Standards for offshore pipeline design is preferable, notably:

  • DNV OS F101
  • SME B31.3, .4 and .8
  • ASME VIII Div2
  • ISO 13628‐5
  • API RP 1110
  • API 17D & 17J

2) Knowledge of planning, pipeline/umbilical installation and offshore operations are a plus.

3) Familiarity with the use of the following software is essential:

  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and Power Point)
  • Microsoft Project

4) Fluency in English is mandatory. Fluency in French or Portuguese is a plus.

5) In addition to substantial skills in the technical discipline, other key requirements are:

  • Leadership
  • Strong work organization method
  • Flexibility
  • Thoroughness
  • Team working attitude and very good communication skills

Contract Administrator

Job description

▪ Verify the completeness of contract documents (consistency check) and distribute them to project team members
▪ Track client, subcontractors, vendors obligations
▪ Administer the contract ensuring that project is performed in line with contractual obligations
▪ Liaise with project team, coordinate Project Contract Review, participate to meetings, manage and file all correspondencehaving a contractual relevance exchanged during project execution with clients, partners, subcontractors, vendors and authorities
▪ Monitor contract risks of critical work packages (subcontractors, vendors) and propose remedial actions
▪ Manage the change process on the project, including change orders, claims, back charges, penalties, new prices, dispute handling and resolution (except for litigation and arbitration) towards clients, main subcontractors and key vendors, ensuring that notices and notifications are issued as per contractual requirements, and participate in the generation of additional revenue as entitled by the contracts
▪ Check consistency between records, reports and correspondence, verify supporting documentation for invoicing and monitor that payments received are in line with the contractual terms
▪ Prepare reporting for project, company and corporate
▪ Ensure that Golden Rules and Silver Guidelines are implemented
▪ Maintain necessary liaison with other competent Saipem functions, in particular with Financial Administration, Insurance, Procurement and Risk referents
▪ Ensure all Project Certificates are duly issued by clients (e.g. Milestone Completion Certificates, Mechanical Completion, Handover Certificate, Provisional Acceptance Certificate)
▪ Provide collection and sharing of lessons learned, feedbacks and returns of experience on issues/criticalities encountered during project execution

Desired Skills and Experience

  • Civil Engineering, Law, Quantity Surveyor or Business Administration Degrees;
  • Relevant experience, minimum of 3 years, in Oil and Gas sector
  • Contract law specialized knowledge, strong negotiation skills, target oriented, excellent interpersonal skills, planning and analysis capabilities, knowledge of Oil & Gas projects, engaged in professional growth and continuous improvement.

Cost Control Engineer

Job description

  • Ensure the implementation of the Cost Control System, developing  consolidated Cost Breakdown Structure according to the relevant procedure, reviewing the procurement/accounting system adopted in  Saipem Contracting Nigeria, and verifying the application of the CBS and cost traceability
  • Issuance of Project Cost Control Procedure, Cost Coding Manual and Risk Management Plan for Project Control Manager’s verification.
  • Management of budgets, work schedule and cash flow activities.
  • Coordinate the risk management activities, organizing brainstorming sessions for qualitative/quantitative assessment of identified risks and opportunities.
  • Co-ordinate project financial analysis; most especially, Montecarlo Analysis.
  • Monitor activity progress and the relevant earned value, as well as the value of work done against the invoices received, determining the monthly accruals.
  • Support the Project during the contract changes/claims process, providing the cost impact analysis, and keep updated the cost/revenues forecast relevant to intercompany services.
  • Analyse committed costs and activities to-date, review the estimate to complete, isolating any deviation from baselines or adverse trend and warn the PM on time to take corrective actions in order to prevent overruns.
  • Maintain the risk management process organizing periodic meetings and verifying the risk owners feedback.
  • Support the Project Control Manager in the preparation of the Project close-out Report and the cost feed-back data to      Project Control and Commercial Department.

Desired Skills and Experience

  • Engineering degree or Management Science.
  • A minimum of 5 years Budgets/Cost Control and management experience in an Engineering firm or a reputable construction firm.
  • Good working knowledge of SAP

Civil QC Inspector

Job description

  • Execute the specific inspections on materials, equipment and construction/installation activities on site.
  • Issue the relevant Quality Records and, when necessary, write and send to Quality Control Supervisor non-conformances reports.
  • Check the preparation of foundations.
  • Check the correct preparation of reinforcements.
  • Check the certifications regarding element mixes, LASTM test, chemical analysis, grain size analysis.
  • Monitor atmospheric conditions during pouring operations.
  • Monitor correct curing operations.
  • Check the sampling operations (when required).
  • Review the laboratory examination results.
  • Check sub-grade dry density.
  • Check moisture content.
  • Check compression strength test.
  • Check after execution of casting.
  • Check materials quality (wire, fitting, etc.)
  • Verify special processes and the relevant workers qualifications.
  • Orderly collect, check and manage documents certifying tests, controls and inspections carried out witnessing the tests, controls and inspections carried out.
  • Check the conformity with the Quality Control Plan and obtain the relevant documentation.
  • Ensure the correct implementation of the approved Quality Control Plans/Inspection Test Plans.

Desired Skills and Experience

  • A degree in Civil Engineering or any other related field of study.
  • A minimum of  3 years work experience in Civil Engineering and Civil Quality Control position.
  • Proven skills civil works activities, construction activities, control of instrument calibration; industry standards, quality control activities, quality inspection activities, quality reporting and site material control.
  • Proven computer skills.

Method of Application

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