Field Enumerator Recruitments Ongoing at Propcom Mai-Karfi (17 Positions)

Field Enumerator Recruitments Ongoing at Propcom Mai-Karfi (17 Positions)

Propcom Mai-Karfi is a six year DFID programme aimed at increasing incomes for the poor in Northern Nigeria through enhanced employment opportunities for increased employment and improved productivity in selected rural agricultural market systems in Northern Nigeria.

Scope of Work
The Consultant will support the Results Measurement team to carry out fieldwork and other research activities which may be required for the programme’s functioning and strategy.

The Enumerator’s contract is on a need-for-work basis and is not a full-time role. The Consultant, working under the supervision of a Research Officer will be responsible for administering questionnaires to farmers or households in rural communities in Northern Nigeria, as well as providing important feedback on programme’s field research activities.

Though based in her/his state, this role may require frequent travel to and days to be spent in the field in other states of Northern Nigeria where Propcom Mai-karfi works.

Job Title: Field Enumerator

Job Family: Results Measurement
Locations: Jigawa, Niger, Kwara, Kano, Gombe, Plateau, Nassarawa, Taraba, Benue, Katsina, Bauchi, Kebbi, Zamfara, Kaduna, Abuja, Sokoto, Adamawa

Specific Responsibilities

The Consultant will be responsible for the following:

  • Assist Propcom Mai-karfi in collecting data as per the programme requirements for its different markets.
  • Seek out respondents who fit the suggested profiles in assigned locations and collect data based on questionnaires developed and supplied by the programme.
  • Gather and accurately record responses on questionnaires provided by the Results Measurement team
  • Ensure that questionnaires have been thoroughly checked and completed.
  • Submit completed questionnaires and other equipment used in fieldwork to Propcom Mai-karfi, and will, if required to do so, compile his/her findings in a format required by the programme.
  • As part of each assignment, participate in briefings, carry out data collection, data entry and/or reporting.
  • Recognize and give account of problems in obtaining data and provide useful feedback from field research activities
  • Work according to the programme’s needs and on a project-by-project basis.

Reporting Lines and Amendment of ToR
Enumerators will work in the field under the guidance and supervision of the Research Officers and will report to the Research Manager or his designee as designated by the Team Leader. GRM reserves the right to revise (in consultation with the Consultant) the scope of work of the Consultant or the title of the job.

Essential Traits

  • Honesty: Shows a high level of integrity and will not fabricate responses or misrepresent the programme.
  • Communication: Confidently expresses self, able to clearly ask questions and help the respondent understand what is needed from her/him.
  • Relationship Builder: Able to build trust with people at the rural level and maintain confidentiality.
  • Cultural Awareness: Must be aware of and sensitive to the cultural expectations of communities in Northern Nigeria.
  • Accuracy: Must be able to interpret and record responses appropriately without distorting the respondent’s meaning or confusing the reader.
  • Endurance: Must be able to work for full day working hours in the field across a number of days.

Experience and Qualifications

Consultant should have;

  • A degree or equivalent in Statistics, Economics, Business, Agriculture or the Social Sciences;
  • Experience in data collection, administering questionnaires and conducting interviews, data collection and data entry;
  • Experience or knowledge of relevant agricultural markets in Northern Nigeria is an advantage;
  • Willingness to learn and explore new experiences
  • Fluency in speaking and understanding English, the local language in state of residence, and preferably Hausa.

Location of Post
The Consultant will be based in her/his state of residence. However s/he may be required to make frequent travels within Nigeria and particularly across the northern states of Nigeria.

Working Conditions

The contract is based on a “need for work” basis and remuneration will be paid based on the tasks carried out. The consultant may not work or be reimbursed for days beyond the maximum approved work/travel days without prior written approval from Propcom Mai-Karfi. In no case shall the consultant be reimbursed for more than eight (8) hours during an approved work/travel day and may not be paid for work on Saturdays and Sundays unless agreed in advance.

Application Closing Date:

Monday 13 October 2014

Method of Application

Please send your CV/Resume, a maximum of three pages, and a covering letter explaining how your skills and experiences match those needed for this post to:[email protected]

Please ensure that you include the names and full contact details of three referees on your CV. Please make sure that you include your language skills in your CV.

Applications will only be accepted from people living in one of the states listed above.

Please ensure that you include your state of residence in the title to your email for this post
e.g. Taraba: Enumerator application, Fatima Sanni

Female candidates are highly encouraged to apply.

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