Graduate Intern Position At Nigeria Stock Exchange

Graduate Intern Position At Nigeria Stock Exchange

Position: Graduate Trainee 

The Graduate Trainee Programme of The Nigerian Stock Exchange is an 11 months programme geared towards building global talents locally, and raising a new generation of leaders for the Capital Market and Nigeria’s economy.  

Programme Details
The Graduate Trainee Programme is primarily designed to build the talent pool at the NSE (“our future leaders”) as well as to address the skills gap in the Capital Market and the Nigerian economy at large, as a secondary objective.

Joining the NSE Graduate Trainee Programme is a great way to progress within our business and fast track your career. The NSE Graduate Trainee is expected to be a logical thinker, proactive, have a great attitude and be tenacious, energetic and hardworking. The NSE Graduate shall be a team leader and player who sees him/herself leading the growth of the Capital Market in Nigeria, Sub-Saharan Africa and Africa at large.

The NSE Graduate Trainee shall possess the following:

1.       Technical Business Attributes;

  • A sound knowledge of the Nigerian economy
  • Knowledge of relevant Financial Literacy themes and their application to include:
    • Financial planning
    • Financial analysis
    • Business analysis
    • Investment analysis
    • Data gathering and analysis
  • Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office Tools

2.       Capital Market Attributes;

  • An NSE Graduate Trainee shall understand the operations of the Capital Markets to include:
    • The regulatory framework
    • The products of the market
    • The technology that drives the market
    • The relationship between the Capital Market and the Nigerian economy
    • The place of the Nigerian economy in the globe – strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

3.       Leadership Attributes;

  • A high degree of emotional intelligence
  • Excellent communication skills such as speaking, writing and listening
  • A high potential employee
  • Ability to match any world-class management trainee across the globe
  • High morals, high ethical standards, strong personal values and a perfect alignment to the values of The Nigerian Stock Exchange

How to apply: Click here to apply online


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