Latest Vacancy At COOPI – Cooperazione Internazionale

Latest Vacancy At COOPI – Cooperazione Internazionale

Nigeria is the country with the largest GDP of the whole African continent and it is currently living strong internal crisis due to several factors. In the coastal area, tensions are still ongoing, sometimes in a very violent way, and are related to environmental associations and to the kidnapping of several technicians who were working for oil extraction. In the south and in the centre of the country tensions are very strong too, and really violent, especially between farmers and breeders. But the two main issues that are really concerning the humanitarian community are the persistence of malnutrition and food insecurity in the Sahel area in the north of the country and the considerable increase in the fresh wave of attacks of the terrorist movement, the Islamic fundamentalist Boko Aram. In all the states of the North and Centre, but especially in the three states of the North East (Yobe, Borno and Adamawa) where the state of emergency has been declared, there are ongoing attacks in schools, churches, shopping centers, markets and any crowded place. The IDPs are fleeing from the most insecure areas and they are about 700.000, while there are several thousand of refugees in the neighboring countries (Cameroon, Niger and Chad).

Coopi is currently organizing a mission to evaluate a rapid response to face the severe nutritional and food security crisis and to provide humanitarian assistance to the IDPs in the areas currently in a state of emergency.

To carry out its activities, Coopi is looking for a logistician.

Objective of the position:

— To ensure the procurement, the transport, the clearing and technical work of the bases.

— To manage the Logistics team and to manage in coordination with HOM the security of the bases.

— To assure the distributions of food and non food items.

Description of the position tasks:

Vehicle fleet management:

— In collaboration with the supervised staff, to prepare, to communicate and to follow up the vehicle and machines planning

— To ensure the maintenance and the repairs of the vehicles and machines.

— To make sure that the required reports and checking of the vehicles and equipment are properly done.

— To ensure that the rules and the regulations governing the use of vehicles and equipment are been set up and respected.

Procurement/Supply chain management

— To ensure the procurement/ supply chain procedures (weekly, and monthly planning); to closely follow up the performance of suppliers and manufacturers, in accordance to COOPI standards.

— In coordination with the PM, the admin, the HOM, to ensure the respect of the COOPI and donors procurement rules and documentation.

— To be responsible for the selection of the supplier through transparent process.

— To be responsible for the awarding of contracts to suppliers and to ensure their adherence.

  • To prepare and update the catalogue and the price list of the mission.

Stock management

— To ensure the proper storage of the goods.

— To control the entry and stock withdrawal.

— To monitor the stock level.

— To carry up monthly/weekly stock report.

— To carry up the regular inventory

Security (being security under the direct responsibility of the HOM):

— Responsible for the security goods and properties.

— Have to know the terms of the Security plan and should give advice.

— To know and update the evacuation plan, in collaboration with the HOM.

Staff management:

— To be responsible for his logistics staff evaluation.

— To monitor the performance of each staff under his supervision.

— To organize the logistics meetings (daily, weekly/monthly).


— To insure the procurement follow up: quotes, orders, supply and delivery.

— To prepare the forecast in coordination with other departments.

Logistic Reporting

— General Information: security, programs and staff

— Vehicle car cost

— Stock report

— Supply report

— Equipment report

— Staff leaves follow up/staff planning: recruitment, movement, schedule sicknesses, etc.

— Minutes of Logistics monthly meetings

Beyond these tasks, the logistician will be expected to:

— Report any professional problems encountered to the Head of Mission and the Administrator,

— Take good care of any material placed under his/her care,

— Be flexible and adaptable with regards to the implementation of the daily work,

— Conduct all duties in a professional manner following COOPI charter,


  • Previous significant work experience as logistician
  • Previous experience in similar programmes in developing and emergency countries within an international NGO
  • Mastery of ECHO guidelines
  • Relevant supervisory skills and guidance capacities in the implementation of projects and ability to support the national staff
  • Excellent English (written and spoken)
  • Excellent computer skills
  • Attitude to work under pressure and in hardship conditions
  • Strong ability to support the international staff in the procurement process

Please note that only shortlisted applicants will be contacted for an interview.

Starting date: ASAP for 5/6 months (renewable)

Deadline for applications: 15/10/2014


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