Major Vacancy At EHealth Systems Africa

Major Vacancy At EHealth Systems Africa

The Lagos Emergency Operations Center is the administrative center for international health partners and the Nigerian government for the current ebola outbreak response, managed by eHealth Africa. The position will be full time contracted.

Software Developer / Technical Coordinator


Location: Emergency Operations Center (EOC), Lagos

Job Information

Summary: The Technical Coordinator is responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of the technical facilities of the Lagos Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) including its various software tools. The position will be part technical administrative support, part software development and needs to be filled immediately.

Essential bits:

  • We are looking for a motivated, independent team member to provide support at this critical time. The successful candidate will take on the following responsibilities but due to the dynamic nature of the situation, other duties may be assigned.
  • Assist in managing all technical equipment (printers, computers, projectors, conference equipment etc.)
  • Assist in upkeep of and modifications to software systems – javascript (AngularJS), json APIs, HTML, CSS, some Python (django, not essential)
  • Assist in basic data analysis and reporting for EOC Manager and partners based on data gathered by EOC software systems
  • Provide general administrative support to the EOC Manager and Partners as requested
  • Responsible for performing any other duty as assigned by management.
  • May frequently travel between company worksites.
  • Presents a professional demeanor at all times. Approaches others in a tactful manner. Reacts well under pressure. Treats others with respect and consideration regardless of their status or position. Accepts responsibility for own actions. Follows through on commitments.
  • Is consistently at work and on time.
  • Adheres to Policies and Procedures.
  • Adheres to eHealth Africa Code of Conduct as well as ethical standards of the field.

Method of Application

If you’re interested in applying or finding out more please contact Justin at [email protected] 

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