Schneider Electric Job Vacancy for a Retail Brand Executive

Schneider Electric Job Vacancy for a Retail Brand Executive

Schneider Electric is availing you of the opportunity to join an international, dynamic, and responsible company that fosters the development of all its people and communities around the world. Every day, we challenge employees to achieve more and  experience exciting careers. Find out how our values and sustainable performance make Schneider Electric the employer of choice.

Job Title:  Retail Brand Executive

The Retail Brand Executive will lead all marketing communications activities for the Partner business and ensure adequate internal and external reporting.

Key Tasks & Responsibilities
Contribute to the elaboration and implementation of the Partner business marketing communication plan.
Manage the day-to-day communications activities for the Partner business.
Maintain a strong brand for the organisation by ensuring its corporate and individual brands enjoy a high visibility with their target audience across key media platforms to aid the organisation’s sales/ marketing efforts.
Support the co-ordination of events, media and public affairs activities to promote the brand, product(s) and solutions.
Develop market reports and assist with data analysis for strategic planning of marketing/sales activities.
Support in preparing press statements/articles and manage the production and promotion of sales and merchandize materials.
Build on existing and develop new relationships with the media, key decision makers, member-organisations and others to build business growth.
Manage the monitoring of media and current affairs developments, across a wide range of media platforms.
Undertake other duties as may be required from time to time as regards marketing communications and sales objectives.

Qualifications & Experience
A good first degree in any related field.
Approximately 2 to 4 years experience in Marketing Communications activities.
Demonstrate good self control whilst working under pressure.
Good self organizational and motivational skills.
Commercial awareness.
Proficient personal computer skills including electronic mail, record keeping, routine database activity, word processing, spreadsheets, graphics.
Good organisation and planning skills.
Event management.
Excellent communication skills (verbal and written – fluent English).
Excellent customer service skills.

How to Apply
Send Cv/Resume to [email protected]

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