US Embassy Needs Services Of An Experienced Contractor

US Embassy Needs Services Of An Experienced Contractor

Locations: Abuja


  1. In order for prospective contractors to be considered for the solicitation process, they must meet the following qualifications:
  2. Must provide all requisite licenses, certifications or accreditation.
  3. Evidence that the offeror operates an established business with a permanent address in abuja and lagos and telephone listing.
  4. Evidence that the offeror/quoter can provide the necessary personnel, equipment, and financial resources needed to perform the work.
  5. Must provide proof of experience, past performance, customers names, addresses contact numbers, previous contractors for whom Similar services were provided.
  6. Statement that shows profitability for the past 3 years.

Application Deadline: 25th September, 2014.

Only prospective offerors who meet the above requirements need apply to [email protected]

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